Things To do

Mt Lavinia Beach

Mount Lavinia Beach is Sri Lanka's main sea-bathing spot. Here, depending on season, the waves can be swimmable and it's host to some amazing sunsets. Note, however, that this is not a bay like Unawatuna. The waters is swimmable only at certain times of the year and can be very rough, with undertow. If no one else is swimming, don't swim.

The most beautiful and incredible sunsets can be viewed from the beach. You can take long walks on the beach.Several restaurants on the shore serve different cuisines to suit your taste. You can have the most amazing tropical experiences with such beauty and variety of Sri Lankan, Indian, Chines and many more types of food.

National Zoological Garden

Zoological garden in Dehiwala, is a beautifully landscaped 30 acres in which a rich collection of mammals, birds, reptiles and fishes live in harmony with Nature. (also called Colombo Zoo or Dehiwala Zoo)

Visions for the zoo include, "To create one of the world’s outstanding zoological institutions, that is a centre of the excellence for conservation, research and education" and mission is "Resourceful conservation of animals by means of a learning, achieved through the exhibition of species which were adopted with loving care".

Attidiya Bird Sancuary

Attidiya is a beautiful marshland located around 9km towards the south west of the city. The wet land is rich with natural biodiversity and is a resting place for many types of birds.

The vegetation of this wetland is dominated by sedge and grasses including Rhyuchospora rubra and Panicum repens. Around 43 species of waterfowls live in the area. Most common among them are Indian Shag (Phalaerocorox fuscicollis), the Blue breasted Banded Rail ( Rallus striatus) etc. If you are an enthusiastic bird watcher or an eco friend, then it is worthwhile to spend sometimes in the Attidiya bird sanctuary during one of your leisurely evenings during your stay in Colombo.

Bellanvila Temple

The Bellanwila Raja Maha Vihara is a popular temple just outside of Colombo (Boralesgamuwa). The bodhi-tree on the temple premises is one of the thirty-two saplings from the sacred bodhi tree in Anuradhapura, distributed over 2000 years ago. It also known for its big, bright and beautiful statues and murals.

The age of the temple isn't well recorded, and some say that some form of the temple existed as far back as before the 15th century. The temple suffered from negligence during the Portugese invasion in the 17th century but was revived in what was probably closest to its present form in the 1800s.

The temple space is a wide sandy enclosure with a lot of trees and interesting old structures on the premises.

Mt Lavinia Night Life

there is plenty of "happenning" in Mt Lavinia nights. Up to a few years ago, Colombo was lacking in a variety of nightlife. Recently however, a rash of nightspots has popped up in a short space of time giving everyone who likes to indulge in such activities, more options. Although there are several nightclubs and bars catering to young adults, those with live bands (mostly of excellent standard), are very popular with a more mature clientele.You can enjoy variety of food, drinks, music and dance in many of the clubs.

Many casinos, or otherwise also called clubs here, scream for your attention with flashing neon lights. The clubs offer gamblers roulette, baccarat, poker, blackjack, and other games to try their luck as well as complimentary food and drinks, and sometimes music with live bands playing. Entrance is only for those over 18 years and some clubs offer entrance only for foreigners.

Bellanvila Walking Tracks

You can go for a jog or a bicycle ride early in the morning to start the day all fresh.

The pleasant walking space around the Verassa river is more than just an exercising spot. Located on the cleared up marshes of the river, this place is frequented by migratory birds making the visitors savour the delights of nature. The place also has a food court and a dedicated seating area overlooking the river. Bicycles can be rented and a tour around the nearly 3km loop is a treat, especially in the morning. The chill breeze and the scenery is sure to raise one’s spirit after an early morning walk or jog.

Shopping in Colombo

For a more commercial take on Sri Lankan culture, try shopping in Colombo. Explore the multi-storey House of Fashions, considered to be the biggest department store in the country, or step inside Odel where you'll find bars, sushi bars and french delis alongside an assortment of shops. Better yet, spend the day at Majestic City mall, Arcade Independence Square , Dutch Hospital Shopping Precinct, Liberty Plaza, House of Fashions or ODEL, enjoying the food, browsing the shops and seeing the latest Hollywood or Bollywood film at the cinema.

Sri Lanka Air force Museum

Sri Lanka Air Force Museum is Sri Lanka's only national museum dedicated to the field of aviation as well as the history of the Sri Lanka Air Force (S.L.A.F.).

A visit to this establishment is sure to be a unique experience for aviation enthusiast of all ages. The museum offers a unique insight not only into the history of the S.L.A.F. but also a comprehensive picture of aviation in general including the basics of aviation technology.

Starting from the Royal Air Force (R.A.F.) operations during World War II to the combat operations of the S.L.A.F. in the recent past, the museum offers a detailed depiction of the evolution which has shaped the S.L.A.F. into the highly successful fighting force it is today.

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